Local notes

Val's Spring Notes

Wokingham Road, 9th April, 2018.

hedgehogSpring has certainly arrived, frog spawn in the pond, and clearing out some leaves found some baby newts, but the best thing was the other evening finding a hedgehog by the back door. Haven't seen one for years and wonder where all these creatures suddenly appear from.

Not so nice; keep finding blackbird eggs broken on the ground. Now, is this squirrels or the dreaded magpies? So many of them, they raised 6 last year. Also crows had five, so more this year.

red kiteRed kites so hungry; when in the garden one will sit in the tree and keep mewing, so have put food out for them.

squirrelSo many little birds around, and food soon disappears. Plod round the garden in all weathers to keep the feeders topped up, only to see the squirrels tipping them up to get the food. Little pests!

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