Information for New Members

Who we are
The Earley Environmental Group is run by its members, who are principally residents of the Civil Parish of Earley, and is supported by the Earley Town Council. The Group is open to all and the only requirements are enthusiasm and the desire to help Earley's wildlife.

Why we meet
The group sets out to undertake practical conservation work, to study and record the fauna, flora and environment in Earley and to promote interest in natural history and the environment.

What we do
In practical terms we translate this aim into a range of individual and collective activities which we encourage you to become involved in:

1. Surveys

  • Garden surveys – this is an ongoing activity to record the wildlife in your garden. Individual participation is at your own convenience. Survey forms are available from the Group’s website, or Earley Town Council, and are returned each month to EEG, 2 Reeds Ave., Earley, RG6 5SR.
  • Veteran tree survey – this is Earley’s contribution to an ongoing review of Wokingham Borough’s older trees. Appropriate trees are identified, measured, recorded and mapped. Individual contributions by volunteers are coordinated by Sheila Crowson and Anne Booth.
  • Habitat surveys – this is a major project to record the biodiversity of a series of natural habitats across Earley.

2. Walks and Talks

  • Each year the EEG arranges a programme of monthly activities, a mix of talks on environmental matters, and walks around local nature reserves and other places of natural interest. In the case of the talks a nominal charge may be made on the door to cover the cost of venue hire. Venues have included the Interpretation Centre on Instow Road, Radstock Community Centre and Trinity Church Hall. The EEG has links with other local interest groups such as RSPB and the Berkshire Moth Group. Meetings start at 7.30pm.

3. Working parties

  • Each Wednesday volunteers help the Senior Park Ranger with practical tasks at Maiden Erlegh nature reserve and other locations, each according to their ability. Meet at the Interpretation Centre, Instow Road, at 9.30am, or contact Grahame on 0779 617 0689
  • Once a year the EEG takes part in the Huge Earley Litter Pick, during which volunteers undertake litter-picking at some of Earley’s litter blackspots.

4. Publishing

  • The EEG publishes a newsletter (sponsored by Oracle Corporation) and maintains a website, both excellent vehicles for publishing articles and observations by members.

5. Getting involved

  • Whilst we encourage all who are interested to be involved, we recognise that participation will depend on individual preferences together with the available time and energy. For many, membership may be passive, limited to reading the newsletters; for others, sedentary participation in the garden surveys or writing up your observations. For others again, active involvement has proved rewarding. But whatever you are able to undertake, your interest is welcome and helps give the group some clout when representing Earley’s environmental interests.

6. Communication

  • Website – You will find articles, reports of activities and meetings, notices of future events, etc.
  • Facebook. The Earley Environmental Group now has a Facebook presence. We will be using this in addition to the main website and the Newsletter as a way of keeping everyone up to date with our activities and to let you know about upcoming events. Members are also welcome to post news stories or any photographs relevant to the group. If you are a Facebook user, please do join up - just search for 'Earley Environmental Group' and we should pop up. Look forward to seeing you on there.
  • Newsletter – a varied and entertaining newsletter is published 3 or 4 times a year. Contributions are always welcome. It is available from the website and copies, colour-printed by Oracle, are hand delivered by our ward representatives.
  • Public notices – notices of forthcoming events are to be found on the public notice boards at Maiden Erlegh lake, and at twenty other locations around Earley.
  • Earley Town Council offices – information and survey forms are available from ETC offices in Radstock Lane.

Contacts The group’s committee is elected at an AGM in January; the current committee members are listed on the contacts page of this website.

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