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Earley Community OrchardEarley Community Orchard, Laurel Park, Earley, Reading, was planned and is maintained by the Earley Community Orchard Group, with support from the Maiden Erlegh Residents Association (MERA) and the Earley Environmental Group (EEG).
First conceived in 2014, it took a couple of years planning and negotiating with the local authority (Wokingham Borough Council) for a suitable site.
The aims are to provide an orchard that is available toall members of the Earley community, and to show local children the process of producing fruit.All the trees are sponsored and planted by local people.

Maiden Erlegh Local Nature Reserve "consists of areas of ancient and secondary woodland, grassland, a large lake, a brook, an old woodland pond and surrounding wetland habitat.The area supports a large amount of wildlife including some 100+ species of butterflies and moths, over 50 species of birds, 50 species of fungi and over 20 species of trees.The woodland is managed on Earley Town Council's behalf by its Park Ranger and Bailiff Services and is done so in a traditional way using many of the skills of yesteryear, such as coppicing.The park was declared a Local Nature Reserve in 1997 and was officially opened on 23rd April that year. The park also contains Wildlife Heritage Sites and is a Site of Urban Landscape Value.The park has been owned and managed by Earley Town Council since the 1960's and was formerly part of the Maiden Erlegh Estate, the last owner being Solly Joel.
The Reserve is located between Lakeside, Beech Lane & Instow Road in Earley near Reading in the UK."

BulmersheWe launched the Bulmershe Community Association in September 2005. We hope that the Association will be made up of pupils, staff, parents and governors of Bulmershe School and some local residents. The aim of the association is to enhance the educational experience of our students, promote the reputation of our community within the local area and raise much needed funds.

The True Food Co-op is a community not-for-profit enterprise, run with the assistance of volunteers, that obtains organic fruit & veg, bread, wholefoods and eco-friendly household products at more affordable prices. True Food Co-opSadly, the co-op is no longer able to offer local markets, and only operates from their shop in Emmer Green. Co-op customers may buy from a wide selection of Organic Wholefood stocks that the co-op keeps. Alternatively they may select and order from organic wholesaler's catalogues which list thousands of lines.

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