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A Letter from Val

Dear EEG Members,
maybug Have been meaning to ask this question, about Maybugs. A bit late, but in May on VE day, remembering back then that evening, all doors etc. open, huge Maybugs descended on us in the garden, but now I haven't seen one for years; wondered where did they come from and go? Can anyone help…
backbirdsPoor old blackbirds, looking for food, but not a sign of babies this year, not cats, but magpies, and a few jays. Such a shame, only seen baby starlings and a few blue tits. Also a little jenny wren with a yellow flash on her head has raised her little ones, all secluded.
small tortoiseshellMasses of bees this year on a yellow buddleia, an early one.
Lovely seeing lots of butterflies this year, and dragon flies over the pond, large green ones and damsels.

wood pigeonPigeons enjoying the pond fountain, having their showers; goodness, how many nuts do they eat? Have counted 23 - a job to take off.
Back to watering the garden and keeping the bird feeders topped up.
Thanks for the newsletter - always interesting.
From Val

Picture of Maybug courtesy of Wikipedia, others from EEG website

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