Wokingham Town Veteran Tree Project

Wokingham has long been renowned for its Oak trees, and the town motto is 'from the acorn the Oak'. Many spectacular examples can be seen today. The Wokingham Town Veteran Tree Project is focusing on the recording of all trees with a diameter of more than 1.0m (a girth of 3.14m). However it is important to realize that veterans of some species may not reach this size. These trees are important to and will also be recorded.

The project's focus is initially just the Wokingham Town Area. With further funding (which has been recently achieved), the project will be expanded to more of the Wokingham District.

Do you know of a particularly interesting tree in the Wokingham Town area? It may be old, have wildlife, historic or aesthetic value. If you are interested in helping us record and protect these trees , you can become involved in the Wokingham Veteran Tree Project. We need your help to protect these precious trees and their heritage. Volunteers are needed to help us identify and record trees in the Wokingham Town area. No experience is necessary as training will be provided.

If you would like to participate in the project, or register a single tree, please contact the Wokingham Veteran Trees Association.

Veteran Trees

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