RESCUE Weekend Saturday 18th/Sunday 19th March 2006

Hello there,

I'd just like to thank you all heartily for the effort you put into yesterday's litter-pick.
We began the morning session with 13 people, and ended with 8. Between us, we collected 20 bags of litter and some non-bagged items (cans of oil); there were 3 bags of bottles, 4 of plastic and cans, and 13 containing other items. The first lesson of the day was that Grahame and I had been far too ambitious about the area we could cover in 3 hours, as we managed only about one-third of the planned route; the second (re-inforced in the afternoon) was that 3 hours is probably too long to keep going effectively.
In the afternoon, we began with 11; 1 left after an hour, and 3 (a father and his 2 sons) after 2 hours, so we finished with 7 of us. Once again, we didn't cover the whole route, but we managed 19 bags, which were left at 3 collection points on the route, and a road bollard: the division was 4 bags of bottles, 3 of plastic and cans, and 11 general ones.
Grahame and I collected all of them at the end of the afternoon, and the pick-up truck looked really impressive by the  end, as there was one layer of bags across the  bottom and a few others forming a second layer. All  he has to do now is dispose of all the bags!
I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and will be ready for a repeat performance (possibly in a different format) next year!

Thanks go to the following people who took part on the day.

Morning session: Ruth Angus; Anne Booth; John Booth; Sheila Crowson; Brian Hackett; Stuart Hine and his son (6 or 7 years old); Steve and Shira Middleton (contacted me via the Web site notice); Peter Soul (from MERA; heard about it from Grahame and me, as he's a Wednesday volunteer for Grahame's working parties); Elaine Spratling (heard about it via an Earley Town Council meeting my husband attended, and contacted me for details); Amanda Stafford (a non-member who saw it advertised on one of the Council notice-boards - and came for the whole day!); and Graham and me.
Afternoon session: Helen Brown (a non-member); Richard Bradbury, and his sons Robert (11) and David (8) (they heard about it from Grahame at his moth night, and contacted me); Vivien Canning; Jack Firman; Brian Hackett; Diana Jones; Amanda Stafford; Grahame and me.


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