Recycling in Earley

The EASI organisers have collected the information below on how to recycle or dispose of a range of items.
If you have any contributions to make to this list, please tell us!
There are three pages of information - the first is a list of items & how to recycle them, the second is a list of the recycling points in and around Earley, while the third contains information about Terracycle, a national recycling organisation. Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page to switch between the three.

Ali's recycling at the ETC help shop in Radstock Lane refers to a collecting point available at the Earley Town Council offices. Further information can be found on Ali’s Recycling facebook page. The collection point is only available while the Town Council Help Shop is open.

In the list of items that can be recycled, we refer to the Blue Bag and Black Box. Earley residents will know what these mean - the blue waste sack and the black recycling box provided by Wokingham Borough Council. The Black Box is due to be replaced by a reusable bag during 2021. For waste and recycling collected by WBC and items taken to the RE3 Recycling Centres, please see the RE3 Waste Acceptance Policy.
You may also like to try re3cyclopedia, which can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google Play. Enter your postcode and the item you’re looking to recycle, click the ‘Look it up!’ button and the tool will show you the bin/box at home to use. The search will also provide you a nearby recycling banks and any relevant information to help with recycling your item.
The app provides additional features; you can download the mobile version below:

  • Check your general waste and recycling collection dates
  • Report missed bins
  • Apply for a commercial permit to the recycling centres
  • Receive news and events updates

You can also receive updates about waste and recycling, and many other things, from WBC by subscribing to Wokingham Connect.

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