Recycling in Earley

Here are some ideas on where to take items which are not so easy to recycle.

Mobile phones Crescent Centre,Warbler Drive
Any Nationwide Building Society
Any Oxfam shop
Glasses (spectacles) Crescent Centre,Warbler Drive
Household batteries Many shops (including Asda) now accept these.
Civic Offices, Reading
Smallmead tip
Stamps Crescent Centre,Warbler Drive
Public Library, Chalfont Way
Foreign coins/old coins Crescent Centre,Warbler Drive
Royal Berks Hospital (main reception)
Printer cartridges Crescent Centre,Warbler Drive (not Epson)
Aluminium / Tin foil Now collected with weekly black box recycling
Wool/knitted blankets Crescent Centre,Warbler Drive
Tetrapak cartons (milk, juice,etc.) Now collected with weekly black box recycling
Garden pesticides Smallmead tip. Ask the site staff where to put them. (for safe disposal rather than recycling)

Black Recycling BoxUseful websites;

Thanks to Anne Booth for these details.

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