Maiden Erlegh Local Nature Reserve Download Short Walk

This walk starts by the Interpretation Centre on Instow Road, but being circular the walk could just as easily be started from Lakeside, Beech Lane, Mawbry Close or via the Green Lane from Gypsy Lane. The walk should take about an hour, depending how much time you take to stop and enjoy the sights.

Maiden Erlegh LNR Map

1. Starting at the barrier at the eastern end of Instow Road you pass the Wildlife Garden and Interpretation Centre on your right.

2. Turn left and follow the path downhill towards the weir. As you pass the end of the lake the duck feeding platform and waterbird identification board is on your left.

3. And the wetland area is on your right.

4. Proceed over the weir bridge and as you walk along the northern bank you will pass a number of Pollarded willows.

5. There are some great views over the lake from here.

6. And the two islands.

7. Continuing along the footpath you will see an example of a dead hedge.

8. Having reached the inlet at the end of the lake bear left and walk back along the southern shore of the lake. It is here that place barley straw in the lake to control the algae.

9. After a short distance turn right and walk up Oakwood Meadow.

10. To the butterfly garden on Instow Road.

11. Turn left and walk past the scallops in the woodland edge to arrive back where you started.

12. Walk back down to the weir bridge but this time turn right immediately before the bridge to follow the woodland path. Continue on down a set of steps, over a small bridge, through the Coppice area.

13. Continue past the woodland pond on you left, to the end of the boardwalk.

14. Here turn sharp right and follow the woodland path to the Gemini Oak where the path opens out onto the mown grass of Laurel Park.

15. Walk diagonally right across this field to the gap in the hedge, then past the large lime tree and the children's play area before following the path past the Interpretation Centre to bring you back to your starting point.

Maiden Erlegh LNR

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