Looking for butterflies in Moor Copse

Anne, the Volunteer Warden at Moor Copse in Tidmarsh, led a walk for a small group of EEG members on a sunny July afternoon, hoping to see butterflies. The weather obliged and we began with a Green-veined White laying an egg on vegetation just outside the entrance. Some Beautiful Demoiselles were seen along the river, then a Silver-washed Fritillary perched on some Hemp Agrimony flowers at the water's edge. A Lancaster plane flew low over us just seeming to skim the treetops as we paused on the Pang bridge. More Silver-washed were seen on bramble flowers in the bracken patch and Barton's field. On reaching this years' coppice plot, we found about 12 Peacocks feeding on a large patch of Water Mint, also Brimstone, Red Admiral, Ringlets, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns and a Speckled Wood in the woodland areas. Small or Essex Skippers and Marbled and Large Whites were added to our tally on reaching 5 acre and the other meadows. We were all impressed by the amazing show of Knapweed in Corner Field, with a sprinkling of Great Burnet in places.

great burnet
Great Burnet

marbled white
Marbled White

nettle-leaved bellflower
Nettle-leaved Bellflower


purple loosestrife
Purple Loosestrife

Silver-washed Fritillary on Water Mint

marbled white
Marbled White on Knapweed

Silver-washed Fritillary on Hemp Agrimony

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