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Living - Online environmental recording

We have been investigating this online database with the idea of using it to record flora and fauna found within Earley. The surveys which the Thursday group do within Earley will be put on this database so that anyone can see what has been discovered. We would also like to encourage you to put your own wildlife records onto this website.

Living Record allows you to create your own records system and gives you access to a selection of distribution maps. Records that are submitted are reviewed online and passed on to local and national record centres and to organisations working for conservation. Your records can then form part of the big picture which is used nationally and locally to understand species distribution and population trends, to identify key sites, and to develop conservation plans.

We hope that some of our members will be interested in this way of recording the wildlife that they see. You can start by recording the wildlife in your back garden and, if you wish, you can add other wildlife sightings locally and nationally. This will help to build up a detailed picture of our local area and be useful now and into the future.

To find out more, have a look at the website. This link will allow you to join the Earley recording team.

By signing up to the site you can practice adding records through recording ‘dragons.’ There is also a user guide.

Please contact Ricki Bull for further information on how to take part, for help in setting up or understanding how the site works and so that you can be added to our Earley Users Group.

Contact the EEG WebMaster