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Bird Box Building at the Interpretation Centre

Local RSPB member and nest box building expert, Mick, was ill at the last minute, but a Good Samaritan appeared in the shape of his friend, George, who on Saturday 17th Feb brought along ten of Mick’s kits.  Most people who had pre-booked were able to make their boxes with George’s valuable help, and we had the cheerful company of at least half a dozen children who proudly took away their lovely bird boxes, with the promise that they will let us know if they get any occupants. 

Pictured below are Hannah and Richard Trout making their boxes.


Click on the images above to see a larger version.

Thanks to Anne Booth for arranging this event in National Nest Box Building Week, and particular thanks to George who came at the last minute to stand in for Mick.

For further information on making, siting and cleaning a nestbosx, please visit the RSPB Website.

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