A Walk around Readings Green Park

On Sunday 11 May a group of EEG members visited GreenPark, the large business park in Reading bordered by the A33 and the M4, created on the flood-plain of the River Kennet. As it was Sunday, the area was completely deserted and we were able to wander the paths bordering the large expanse of water, and saw a variety of water birds, including great crested grebe, coot, moorhen, heron, and swans on their nest. More than 500 trees have been recorded on the site. It’s a very attractive environment for the GreenPark workers. There are public footpaths through the area.

We visited the impressive wind turbine, where Ian Gough of the Wokingham Borough Council gave us an excellent talk. It’s a second generation turbine, and was almost silent. It only took one day to actually erect the turbine, and it can supply enough electricity for 1000 homes. It feeds directly through a cable into the National Grid. Ian was very enthusiastic about the future of non-polluting wind energy.

Thanks to Sheila for the comments, and Paul Beckett fo the photos below

01 Lake 1.jpg  02 Lake 2.jpg  03 Tree Bank.jpg  04 Nesting  Swan.jpg  05 Heron in Flight.jpg  06 Windmill 1.jpg  07 Reflections.jpg  08 Windmill 2.jpg  09 Members.jpg  10 Windmill 4.jpg  

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