BBC Breathing Spaces World Record Attempt

A fantastic turn out by Earley to assist in the Tree O’Clock tree-planting world record attempt

In a joint effort organised by the Earley Town Council and the Earley Environment Group, about 60 supporters turned out on Saturday 5th Dec in connection with the BBC Breathing Places Tree O’Clock project This was an attempt to break the existing world record for trees planted by hand by any number of people within a single hour which stands at 653,143. A klaxon was sounded at 11 am precisely, and everyone set to with determined vigour. We’d even finished well before the 12 noon klaxon sounded, by which time the roots of 500 trees were snuggled into their new homes. The trees were a mixture of 125 hawthorn, 125 hornbeam and 250 hazel. Our Earley mayor, John Armstrong, was there to ensure that everything was done by the rules.

Photos will duly appear on, and there will be an update
on the number of trees planted nationally. Let’s hope we broke the record!

The trees owe a personal vote of thanks to Grahame and Gary for the ground preparation, marking up and organisation of the planting, to the Mayor for verifying the attempt, and a great big thank you to those who gave up their time to help.

Please click on the photos below to see larger versions


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