Badger Carcass Collection

We are working with the Animal and Plant Health Agency to collect and send off deceased badgers for testing for TB to help the scientists working in this area.

If you see a newly deceased badger that is not in an advanced state of decomposition or damage from a Road Traffic Accident in the Reading area, please email us, phone Charlotte on 07771 605825 or Grahame on 07796 170689 as soon as possible we will arrange to retrieve and send the badger's body for testing. Please stop to check the suitability of the carcass. Signs that the carcass is unsuitable include:

  • Maggots
  • Main body is not intact - damage to limbs is acceptable
  • Skin colour - greenish
  • Hair and skin can be pulled away from the carcass.

If possible, note the exact location of the corpse - preferably OS grid reference (you can use Grid Reference Finder, What3Words, Google Maps to give latitude / longitude, or road / street name.

Pleae do not put yourself at risk to retrieve the bodies. If you see one as described on a very busy motorway or even a bend on a smaller road and you feel unsure, do not report it.

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