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Flowers commonly seen in the Earley Area

The pictures below have all been taken by our members. Click on an image to see a large version. To upload an image, click here. Images are recommended to be no larger than 800 x 600 pixels at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch.

Bee orchid L.E.Way.jpg  Bee_orchid.jpg  Chicory ME NatureReserve.jpg  Corncockle David Jupe.jpg  Cowslip.jpg  cowslip_Instow_Rd_12April2015.jpg  Hogweed ME Nature Reserve.jpg  IMG_2309.JPG  Lesser Celandine ME Nature Reserve.jpg  Loddon Lily ME Reserve.jpg  Musk Mallow.jpg  Opp leaved golden saxifrage Pond copse ME.jpg  orchid.jpg  Oxeye daisies David jupe.jpg  Pyramidal Orchids.jpg  Pyramidal_orchids.jpg  Robins Pincushion.jpg  SARUHAN.jpg  snowdrops-Oakwood.jpg  Violets Lower Earley Way.JPG  Wood Anenomes ME Reserve.jpg  
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