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Big Garden Birdwatch 2010RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2010

The RSPB have release the results of their 2010 Big Garden Birdwatch. Full details can be found on the RSPB website by following the links below.

Harsh winter affects the results





As expected, the bad weather has made a significant difference to the results. Numbers of Coal Tits and Goldcrests are down. But sightings of members of the thrush family, particularly Redwings and Fieldfares as well as Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush, are well up.



And that relative newcomer to our winter gardens, the Blackcap, also had increased sightings.

UK and local top 10 list
Who were the biggest movers in 2010? Nationally, the Starling and Blackbird have changed places, but the House Sparrow retains its number one position. The Long Tailed Tit's brief appearance in the top 10 was just that, although it has retained its place on the Berkshire list.

Results for the average number of birds per garden are shown below:-

House Sparrow 3.77
Blackbird 3.28
Starling 3.13
Blue Tit 2.58
Chaffinch 2.19
Woodpigeon 1.91
Robin 1.49
Great Tit 1.39
Collared Dove 1.33
Goldfinch 1.29

Blue Tit 2.91
Blackbird 2.72
Woodpigeon 2.55
House Sparrow 2.03
Starling 1.82
Chaffinch 1.77
Robin 1.62
Great Tit 1.57
Long Tailed Tit 1.12
Goldfinch 1.11

Blackbird 3.13
Starling 2.74
House Sparrow 2.70
Blue Tit 2.65
Chaffinch 2.25
Woodpigeon 2.17
Robin 1.60
Great Tit 1.38
Dunnock 1.26
Goldfinch 1.23

Blackbird 3.34
House Sparrow 3.12
Starling 2.63
Blue Tit 2.54
Chaffinch 2.34
Woodpigeon 1.99
Goldfinch 1.65
Robin 1.44
Great Tit 1.38
Dunnock 1.22


2010 TOP3

House Sparrow - Click for more details

Blackbird - Click for more details

Starling - Click for more details


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