Bird photos

Birds commonly seen in the Earley Area

The pictures below have all been taken by our members. Click on an image to see a large version. To upload an image, click here. Images are recommended to be no larger than 800 x 600 pixels at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch.

For a sequence of photos of a Sparrow Hawk, click here.

Or click here to see a Red Kite swooping into a local garden.

71 Birds in garden014.jpg  Baby Egyptian Geese by Paul Beckett.jpg  Blackbird.jpg  Blackbirds2EEG.jpg  Blackcap.jpg  Blackcap2.jpg  Blackcap3.jpg  Blackcap_1 by Derek Cashen.JPG  Blackcap_2 by Derek Cashen.JPG  Blue Tit on Feeder.jpg  Chaffinch by Derek Cashen.JPG  Coal Tit.jpg  Collared Dove Ray Reedman.jpg  Collared Dove.jpg  Collared Dove2.jpg  Coot Maiden Erlegh Lake Dec 2015.jpg  Cormorant by Steven Day.jpg  Cormorant.jpg  Dove Ray Reedman.jpg  Dunnock by Derek.JPG  Dunnock chick 2 by Derek.JPG  Dunnock chick by Derek.JPG  Dunnock.jpg  Egyptian Geese.JPG  Egyptian_Geese_and_young_12April2015.jpg  Feral Pigeons Ray Reedman.jpg  Great Spotted Woodpecker by Steven Day.jpg  Great Tit on Feeder.jpg  Green woodpeckers and magpie.jpg  Green woodpeckers.jpg  Greenfinch.jpg  Grey Heron by Steven Day.jpg  Heron on duck.jpg  IMG_6315.jpg  Jackdaw.jpg  Jay by Paul Beckett.jpg  Jay by Steven Day.jpg  Juvenile Gt. Spotted Woodpecker, in Earley garden.jpg  Mandarin by Steven Day.jpg  mandarin.jpg  Mute Swans.jpg  Nestbox with bluetits Somerton Gdns.jpg  Nuthatch by Derek Cashen.JPG  Peregrine falcon by John and Josephine Nagle in Rushall Drive.jpg  Pheasant Anne Booth.jpg  Red Kite 1 by Joe Dray.jpg  Red Kite 4 by Joe Dray.jpg  ReedBunting and Tit.jpg  Robin on Patio.jpg  Robin2.jpg  Shoveller Maiden Erlegh Lake Dec 2015.jpg  Shoveller.jpg  SongThrush.JPG  Sparrowhawk by Steven Day.jpg  Starling On Coconut.jpg  Swan and cygnets Maiden Erlegh Reserve July 15 2006.jpg  thumb_DSCF1783_1024.jpg  Tufted Duck on Maiden Erlegh Lake.jpg  Tufted Duck on ME lake.jpg  Turtle Dove Ray Reedman.jpg  Wood Duck Maiden Erlegh Lake Dec 2015.jpg  Wood Pigeon Ray Reedman.jpg  Woodduck.jpg  Woodpecker by Roy Shannon.jpg  WoodPidgeon on Feeder.jpg  Woodpigeon by Derek.JPG  
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