Amphibian photos

Toads on an Allotment

A member writes (summer 2012):

My daughter and I were happily clearing some old planks of wood from an area on our allotment, when she suddenly squeaked with delight. She'd come across a medium sized toad. As the area we were clearing was going to be very disturbed, we relocated the toad further down the allotment next to some logs, nettles and brambles which will remain undisturbed.

We were delighted to find a toad on our allotment and it adds to other wildlife we have there. Some more welcome than others! We regularly find lizards in the summer, frogs, many birds (including a cuckoo this spring), rabbits, mice, rats. This week there was evidence of a return of deer.

We have two allotments at the Bulmershe site.

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