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BGBW 2008 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2008

The RSPB have release the results of their 2008 Big Garden Birdwatch. Full details can be found on the RSPB website by following the links below.

2008 Finches flock to gardens
With an average of 3.60 seen per garden, the house sparrow retained its top spot with starlings coming in second and blackbirds completing the top three.

Overall, the average number of birds seen in each garden has declined by a fifth since 2004, and house sparrows have decreased by almost two thirds since 1979, and starlings by three quarters over the same period.

Despite this, however, four species of finch, which spend the winter in the UK, were seen in increased numbers.

2008 TOP3

House Sparrow - Click for more details

Starling - Click for more details

Blackbird - Click for more details


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