Wednesday volunteers' photos

Sept 2017

The Earley Environmental Group volunteers, with Grahame and Ashley (Park Rangers ), have been working hard this week, alongside the South East Rivers Trust. We have been making and planting up floating plant 'rafts' in order to place alongside the 'netted' area at the south side of Maiden Erlegh lake. Two are now fully planted and in place.

These serve a few purposes.
1. To make it look more like a natural plant covered bank.
2. Hide the netting as much as possible (eventually).
3. Something else to do with the plant roots helping clear the water; increase oxygenation...and lots of other things for fish 'n' stuff.
4. The cute little common newt just wanted it's photo taken !


The pictures above have all been taken by our members.
Click on an image to see a large version, or to show some video.

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