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Red Kites and Buzzards in Berkshire 2006

The Reading Ornithological Club (ROC (now Berkshire Ornithological CLub - BOC)) and the Newbury District Ornithological Club (NDOC) have invited all members, other birdwatchers and the public to help track Red Kites and Buzzards in Berkshire in 2006.

Both birds are spreading rapidly and they would like to know how many breeding pairs we now have in the county and how far east they’ve got. Their request is simple; when you see either of these birds anywhere in the county just send a brief record of the sightng and they will compile a report based on them. If you send a record they will send you a report at the end of the survey period.

Further details on identifying the birds, and a recording form can be found on the ROC website. Click here to visit the ROC site.


Red Kite

A Red Kite


Rough Legged BuzzardA



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